The DJI Goggles RE will make you a drone racer

As if you’re really flying, but faster than ever

The DJI Goggles came out in April to allow drone flyers to feel as if they were flying in their drone and steering with head movements. Now the DJI Goggles RE have arrived to take that to the next level.

The DJI Goggles RE are designed specifically for drone racing. The sport is going from strength to strength as its popularity continues to climb. That is why DJI has created its new Goggles RE which stands for Racing Edition.

The Goggles RE allow the pilot to steer the drone at high speeds with simple movements of the head. They can also be used to look around by moving the gimbal on the drone as a means to explore the terrain without affecting the drone’s flying course. 

You can even connect two pairs of Goggles together so one person can watch while the other controls the drone.

Unlike the original white Goggles, the Goggles RE come in a bad-ass matte black finish with a red leather finish on the headband inner.

Despite being a DJI product the Goggles RE will also work with other drones and third party flight controllers too. You’re able to stream videos with the OcuSync Video Transmission Module and enjoy Sphere panoramic views.

The DJI Goggles RE will go on sale later this month for £549.