The world’s best beard trimmer in the world is nearly half price

The Philips Series 9000 isn't just a great trimmer… it's got a bloody laser in it!

Best beard trimmer deal Philips Series 9000 beard trimmer

Released with great fanfare about 6 years ago, Philips Series 9000 beard trimmer is a vintage classic and remains the best beard trimmer you can get. Employing a laser so you can get ultra-straight edging on your tonsure, the Philips 9000 is… hang on what, there's a laser in this thing?

Yes there is.

Partly for that reason, but mainly because it's a really excellent trimmer, the Series 9000 has an RRP of around £120 and usually retails for about £80, but today the Series 9000 beard trimmer – with additional shaving head – is just £63 at Amazon.

That's nearly half the RRP of £120. 47% off, to be precise. This beard trimmer has been a lot cheaper in the past – all the way down to £45 – but, er, that was back then. 

Control of length is via this highly satisfying 'zoom wheel'

Philips Series 9000 beard trimmer £63 | Was £120 | Save £57 at Amazon
The ultimate in beard-wrangling technology, Philips Series 9000 trimmer has a choice of wide and narrow heads, and a precision comb that lets you cut your beard to lengths of between 0.4 and 7 mm, 'with a precision of 0.2 mm'. The tactile 'zoom wheel' control for this is great. This is a 'limited time' deal, whatever that means.View Deal

Why you should buy the Philips Series 9000 beard trimmer

A laser in a trimmer. Is it really worth it?

The double-sharpened, extra strong, stainless steel blades offer superb cutting, making short work of even the most wiry beards, while, 'the innovative lift-and-trim system guides the hair towards the blades for an effortless trim in less strokes.'

The laser lets you style in perfectly straight lines, which is arguably not all that useful for most people. It does make for a cool conversation point, however.

A 1-hour charge gives you 80 minutes of trimming, and you can use it plugged in, which is unusual for this type of trimmer. It's 100% waterproof although, obviously, not whilst plugged in to the mains.

Whether you're looking for a gift for someone hirsute, or just need to tame your own facial fur, this is as good as it gets.

Unless you have a rather 'specialist' beard with lots of straight lines, and geometric lines cut into it, you almost certainly do not need a laser in your beard trimmer. What Philips has done here is add an esoteric feature so the device is more premium, and they can charge more for it. 

That would be a bit crap if this was the only way that the Series 9000 was premium, but Philips has also made sure the blades and motor are of higher quality  than the norm, and that the build quality is suitably pleasing. 

That makes it a solid deal at the £70-£80 prices you find it at online most days, but under £45 is quite the deal.