Broadband and TV deals: compare cheap packages from Virgin, Sky, BT and more

Go all out with broadband and TV deals. Compare the cheapest options and most feature-packed options

Broadband and TV deals
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Broadband and TV deals are the height of internet packages. Yes, you need internet, but why not throw a load of your favourite channels, subscriptions and more in for a complete bundle.

And luckily, if you are looking to invest in one of these bundles, the great news is that the value is exceptional right now. With broadband and TV deals from the likes of Virgin, BT, and Sky, you can get a wide range of features from big names.

And for those looking to save some big bucks, there are some cheaper options from both Now and TalkTalk. These are perfect for those who just want something basic without breaking the bank.

However, while the options available are certainly strong in value, broadband and TV deals come with a bit of a catch right now. Due to the worldwide lockdown, getting internet installed is tricky.

If you don't already have a phone line installed in your property, your available options diminish somewhat. In fact, the only two available options right now are Now and Virgin.

For all other broadband and TV deals, you might have to wait a few weeks or months for installations. Ready to find your ideal offer? Scroll down to see all of the best plans in full.

Compare broadband and TV deals:


The best broadband and TV deals for different needs:

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The cheapest broadband and TV deal: Now TV Brilliant broadband + Entertainment (opens in new tab)
Costing just £22.99 a month, Now has the cheapest broadband and TV deal out there. While it isn't quite as feature-packed as what Virgin, Sky or BT would offer, it will certainly be the perfect option for anyone who doesn't want to go all out on costs.

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Excellent value on your broadband and TV: Virgin Big bundle (opens in new tab)
Virgin's Big Bundle is an excellent value option, combining both low pricing and some excellent speeds and TV options. Right now, Virgin has priced it right down to £29.99 also making it a pretty affordable plan.

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Best for internet and sports viewing: BT Sport with Fibre 1 (opens in new tab)
If you know you'll want to be catching all the big sporting events then BT could have the perfect package for you. The brand's BT Sport with Fibre 1 plan offers all four BT Sport channels and BoxNation.

What speed do you need? ADSL, fibre or Ultrafast?

At the basic level, there are two kinds of broadband speeds - ADSL and fibre. But, as technology gets better, a new third option is emerging in the form of Ultrafast:

When you opt for ADSL, you'll be getting speeds averaging around the 10/11Mb mark. This really isn't much. It will get you through the basic tasks of emails, browsing the web and some light streaming.

However when you try and do much past that, you'll start to see your internet struggle. The major benefit of ADSL is just its incredibly cheap pricing, coming way under the cost of fibre.

Fibre broadband:
This is what the majority of people will end up wanting to go for. Speeds can wary massively but most affordable fibre plans will be in the 30-40Mb average speed mark, with faster plans jumping up to the 70Mb+ mark.

While fibre will cost a decent chunk a month more than ADSL, it will prove to be a worthwhile investment for most larger households, allowing for multiple people to stream, game and more at the same time.

Ultrafast broadband:
This option realistically won't apply to most people, with average speeds in excess of 100Mb, it is for those who really need consistency from their internet. If you're having to import and export large files, streaming a lot or just living in a large household, this could be a worthwhile way to go.

Do I have to pay setup fees with broadband and TV packages?

The majority of broadband and TV deals will charge you an upfront fee. This isn't really a huge surprise considering the router, TV hub and more required. If you don't already have a phone line in place in your property, this fee could end up being exponentially higher.

However, it completely depends on who you go with. Now Broadband won't charge anything or just a very small fee, whereas Virgin and BT tend to charge larger overall fees. 

Which ISPs offer broadband and TV deals?

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Sky Broadband: (opens in new tab)
One of the better-known broadband and TV providers, Sky is certainly the most diverse option in terms of how you can customise your bundle. Pick ADSL or fibre, sports or TV, HD channels and more. Yes, it isn't the cheapest by a long shot but it offers the most personalised plans out there.

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Virgin Media: (opens in new tab)
Like Sky, Virgin has some extremely detailed packages. In most cases, it is slightly cheaper than Sky and offers faster speeds on the majority of its plans, with the option of going all the way up into the 500Mb region. Virgin is one of the more expensive options out there  but has a lot of packages to choose from.

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BT Broadband: (opens in new tab)
BT is the most popular provider of internet in the UK and even in the world of broadband and TV, they continue to be a highly popular option. BT only has three different packages, starting with a simple entertainment package and working up to detailed sports, films and TV plans.

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NowTV Broadband: (opens in new tab)
The cheapest of all of the broadband and TV deals out there, you can get a plan from as low as £22.99. However, Now doesn't give traditional TV.. Instead, you get either an Entertainment pass or a Cinema Pass. That essentially means either lots of TV shows and boxsets or Sky Cinema - a wide range of new release films.

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TalkTalk Broadband (opens in new tab)
Like Now, TalkTalk's biggest selling point with broadband and TV deals is its affordability. Coming way under BT, Sky, Virgin and other providers, TalkTalk is an easy way to score some channels without pouring money into it. However, its TV packages are also a lot more basic than others, lacking some of the high-end functionality of Sky and Virgin.

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