Best umbrella in Australia 2023: stay dry in harsh weather with these top brollies

Which umbrella will keep you dry, look stylish and withstand the test of time? We've reviewed the best compact, large, and windproof options in Australia.

Best umbrella
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The weather can be quite unpredictable in Australia these days, so whether you’re using one to shield yourself from the rain or sun, investing in one of the best umbrellas money can buy is a good idea as it’s an excellent companion for all seasons Down Under.

Besides being practical for keeping you dry on the move, a decent brolly can even be a fashion statement, complementing your look – long gone are the behemoth constructions of the past, when umbrellas came exclusively in black. 

Whether you need a sleek, compact umbrella, or the biggest one in town for extra coverage, we've got you covered (pun intended). Here’s a roundup of the very best umbrellas to keep your head dry next time the heavens open. 

The best umbrellas you can buy today 

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Blunt Metro umbrella in orange

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1. Blunt Metro

If ever there was an umbrella for urban dwellers – this is it!

Reasons to buy

Incredibly strong
No sharp points

Reasons to avoid

On the bulky side of compact

The funky styling of the Blunt Metro is mainly down to the rounded safely tips, so we didn’t feel like an accident waiting to happen using it on a busy commute. We used it on windy days and it didn’t even wobble – it’s aerodynamic handling is to be commended and it feels reassuringly well-made in the hand too. 

The high tension canopy is perhaps the perfect size, keeping you completely dry without being cumbersome. It opens instantly by pressing a single button, although does require manual input to close it. Best of all though, it can also be had in a wide range of colours, making a welcome change to the sea of black umbrellas on the high street.

Fulton tiny 1 folding umbrellaT3 Approved Award

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2. Fulton Tiny 1

A dinky solution to keep in your bag

Reasons to buy

Incredibly compact
Super lightweight

Reasons to avoid

Not great for heavy rain

Golf umbrellas are brilliant for keeping you dry in a heavy downpour and holding chivalrously over a friend, but you can’t carry them around just-in-case. The Fulton Tiny 1 may not be the most macho, but it is light and compact, making it a great option to keep stashed in a bag in case of a shower. 

Sure, it won’t keep you dry in a heavy downpour as the canopy is only 87cm in diameter, but it’s better than nothing! It's perfect for keeping in case of an emergency and comes in black as well as a number of patterns, if you’re feeling more adventurous. 

Best umbrella: Samsonite Windguard Auto Open

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3. Samsonite Windguard Auto Open

Guard against the wind with this brolly

Reasons to buy

Great in strong winds
Reliable in heavy rain

Reasons to avoid

Slightly pricey

If strong winds are your nemesis on a rainy day, this could be the umbrella for you. The Samsonite Windguard is built with extra steel ribs to withstand heavy wind resistance meaning you won't have to battle an inside-out umbrella next time you find yourself in a storm. 

With a simple push-button automatic release, the sturdy Samsonite has a double canopy with just enough space to shelter two people. It's slightly larger than others on the market, but is still compact enough to fit in a handbag or backpack when travelling. 

Clifton Inverted Umbrella with red inside

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4. Clifton Outside-In Inverted Umbrella

A unique solution to keep you dry

Reasons to buy

Can easily get into cars without wetting everything  
Looks excellent 
12 month guarantee 

Reasons to avoid

Its easy to forget the water gets caught within 

If you're looking for something a bit different in the umbrella world, Clifton’s inverted umbrella is a fancy design that is both eye-pleasing and functional. It features a 105cm diameter, dapper colour options and, with an inverted umbrella, there’s no need to awkwardly drip dry on a friend's floors – the water is caught within when closed, allowing you to open it up to dry at a more convenient time or place. 

With a range of colours available, this is a solid choice for an affordable and different umbrella. Clifton also offers a full refund or replacement warranty for 12 months to put your mind at ease. 

Best umbrella: Samsonite Rain Pro

5. Samsonite Rain Pro

Compact and great value

Reasons to buy

Compact size

Reasons to avoid

Nothing special to look at

If you’re looking for an inexpensive take-everywhere-just-in-case type of umbrella this is the one for you – it even comes with a nice neat carry case. It’s much better made than those you can pick up anywhere for a couple of quid (or a few dollars) but it doesn’t have button opening or other fancy features. It doesn’t look cheap at all but it’s design is nothing special either. A good no-frills choice.

Best umbrella: Nooformer Mini Travel Umbrella

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6. Nooformer Mini Travel Umbrella

This one's for life!

Reasons to buy

Tiny and lightweight
Lifetime warranty

Reasons to avoid

Not great in strong winds

If you're looking for an umbrella that is extra compact and that you can carry with you anywhere, the Nooformer Mini Travel Umbrella fits the bill. At around six inches when folded, it can fit in the palm of your hand and is light enough to carry in your pocket. It might not be the most sturdy when it comes to heavy wind, but it does offer 95% UV protection against the sun. 

With a range of colours available, it's a solid choice for an affordable, emergency option. And Nooformer also offers a full lifetime refund or replacement warranty to put your mind at ease. 

Things to consider when buying an umbrella

It’s clear that there’s a great deal of choice to be made when picking the perfect umbrella, the kind of choice that is far better made in advance instead of dashing into the first shop you see in a downpour and ending up parting with a small fortune for something undersized and poor quality.

Size matters in the umbrella game, so take a solid look at what you’ll be doing when you’re most likely to get caught in a flash storm. If you’re often in the CBD, there is no benefit to getting the biggest boy in town, and if you spend all your time on the golf course you’ll want to make sure you get maximum coverage. 

Colour is another big consideration, with a black brolly being the most ‘sensible’ choice, but some of the most fashionable options come in bright colours and patterns, sometimes with elaborate handles. 

Lastly, look at your budget. While you don't want to pay more than you need to on an umbrella, if you're not willing to pay more than about AU$25, chances are you may end up an inadvertent TikTok star fighting an umbrella and losing. 

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