The best protein shake blender 2024: Australia's most nutritious shake and smoothie makers

Make protein smoothies and get ripped via fruit, veg and whey powder

best protein shake blender
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Looking to concoct the perfect post-workout shake? The best protein shake blenders will pummel protein, crush ice and pulverise fruits as well as vegetables to create the smoothest pre- and post-workout shakes the world has ever seen.

The intensity of physical workouts actually matters less than what you eat and how balanced and nutritious your diet is when it comes to losing weight. The muscle building process also starts in the kitchen and maintaining a healthy, protein-rich diet is as important for muscle growth as lifting the heaviest dumbbells and barbells you can find in the gym.

Protein shakes are synonymous with bodybuilding although taking in more protein can help weight loss as well as aid muscle recovery in any sport. The best protein shake blenders can also be used to create delicious smoothies for when you can't be bothered to cook a whole meal (or can't stomach another portion of chicken and rice).

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How to choose the best protein shake blender

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Even if you are 'just' having simple protein shakes made of protein powder and water/milk/milk alternative, the below blenders will help froth the shakes up so they feel richer and more filling. Better still, some of them, like the Promixx MiiXR+ Stealth, will do the mixing without you having to shake your arm even once.

One thing to consider before you buy is the size and the quality of the bottles that comes with the protein shake blender. You want them to be easy to clean, sturdy and ideally, the set should also include some leak-free lids as well.

Even more importantly, the blender itself should be powerful enough so you don't have to run it for half an hour for the mix to be smooth enough. Anything over 500w is a good start but aim for 600-700w if you want to make shakes in a matter of seconds.

There is also the question of blade-attachments: the best blenders use sophisticated blade patterns that create a whirlpool and pulverise everything that goes in the blender bottle, let it be fibrous vegetables or frozen fruit.

Of course, you can just use a 'normal' household blender to do the job but they are most usually not optimised for smoothie/protein shake making and don't come with bottles and lids suitable for on-the-go shake consumption.

The best protein shake blenders to buy today

best protein shake blender: Nutribullet Pro 1000

1. Nutribullet Pro 1000 Series Extractor Blender

Because you have to have a Nutribullet on this list


Power: 1000w
Capacity: 930ml
Features: Hands-free blending

Reasons to buy

Pulverises ingredients to a fine pulp
Powerful motor

Reasons to avoid

Comparatively expensive

• Buy the Nutribullet 1000 Series Blender 9-Piece Set at Bing Lee

Probably the biggest name in the smoothie maker/blender game, Nutribullet raises the bar somewhat with its ability to liquefy ingredients like no other.

Its patented 'cyclone technology' and powerful 1000W motor crushes fruit and veg with aplomb, cracking stems, slicing through seeds and shredding tough skins to create drinks that do away with the pithy pulp that's often found in other, typically cheaper blenders.

Technology inside the Nutribullet 1000 means it knows exactly when to speed up and slow down at various intervals throughout a 45 second auto-cycle, and shuts off automatically after optimum extraction, while a giant 930ml jug allows for batch protein shake making.

Overkill for a simple protein shake? We'd say so, but if you like to throw kale, spinach and other anti-oxidant rich veg into your daily drink, and don't like any texture at all, other than a fine emulsion, this is the perfect machine.

Boss To Go blender

(Image credit: Breville)

2. The Breville Boss To Go

A well-designed protein shake blender


Power: 1000w
Capacity: 500ml
Features: Shatter-resistant tumbler

Reasons to buy

Powerful and stylish

Reasons to avoid


• Buy the Breville Boss To Go blender at Amazon AU

For a start, there's a powerful 1,000 watt motor and Sage's Kinetix blending action, which is said to blend up to 42% finer than rivals. How they worked that out, we don't know, but it does give results comparable to the market-leading Nutribullet.

It's also a handsome thing with powerful blending prowess, meaning those fancy veg-infused protein shakes are free from nasty pips and seeds, while the takeaway mixing cups feel chunky and robust.

Many will find the asking price for this protein provider a bit steep, but if your kitchen is already choc full of tech from Sage and other high-end, top-whack brands, it could be a must-have.

best protein shake blender: Promixx MiiXR+ Stealth

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3. Promixx MiiXR+ Stealth

Best protein shake maker for on-the-go


Power: not quoted
Capacity: 600ml
Features: Portable mixing

Reasons to buy

Simple to use
Charges your phone
Separate compartment for powder

Reasons to avoid

X-Blade is not removable

• Buy the Promixx MiiXR+ Stealth at Amazon AU

The Promixx MiiXR+ Stealth uses the smaller version of the X-Blade we have seen in the Promixx MiiXR X7 Performance Blender. The Stealth is as big as a regular shaker but has an attachment at the bottom that has two purposes: it spins the X-Blade that mixes your drink but it also functions as an external battery for your phone, should it run out of juice (pun intended).

The 5th generation MiiXR+ Stealth uses an impact resistant Tritan bottle – same material used for the bottles of the X7 – that is BPA and DEHP free too. Better still, there is little storage container called Instapod inside the bottle so you can keep your powder separate from the liquid until you're ready to consume your shake.

Although the X-Blade is not removable, you can add warm water and washing up liquid to the MiiXR+ Stealth and clean it by turning on the X-Blade again. Of course, it requires the battery not to be dead, so if it is, make sure you rinse the bottle with some water so it is at least somewhat clean before you can clean it fully.

In all honesty, the Promixx MiiXR+ Stealth is just fun to use: a perfect gift to someone who likes gadgets as much as going to the gym. This protein shake blender comes with a 1-year warranty too for added piece of mind.

4. Nutri Ninja Pro Complete Personal Blender

Powerful chopping skills, going cheap


Power: 900W
Capacity: 650ml
Features: Pulse mode

Reasons to buy


Reasons to avoid

Ugly as hell

Karate chop your daily shake with Nutri Ninja's powerful blending system, which uses a 900W motor, specially designed blades and a pulse button for dealing with hardier fruit and veg.

It's a simple but effective system that harnesses the power of a 21,000rpm motor to rip through ice, sliced fruit and even raw vegetables, with those patented blades doing a great job of not getting clogged up with pulp.

It also manages to be a lot quieter than some of the other models featured here and comes with two single-serve takeaway cups. It is not an attractive thing by any means, but then pumpin' iron isn't meant to be beautiful, dude.

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