HTC Titan review

Huge phone, huge potential - does it match up?

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  • Enhanced contrast
  • Surround sound effects
  • Camera effects


  • No Flash vid support
  • No contextual menu
  • Sharp screen design

HTC's Titan as a behemoth of a smartphone with a great screen and Windows "Mango" 7.5 but it's not quite the sum of its parts

We’ve managed to get our hands on the new HTC Titan, one of the largest phones on the market at the moment - plus it’s running the latest version of Windows Phone thanks to the Taiwanese firm chucking in Microsoft’s Mango version of the OS too.

HTC Titan: Screen

The HTC Titan certainly lives up to its name, with the mighty phone packing a whopping 4.7-inch Super LCD screen - yet it oddly doesn’t feel too gargantuan in the hand, and decent contrast ratios make it a winner when it comes to movies as well.

We especially like the clarity on offer, with the fact it’s only got WVGA resolution (800 x 480) not mattering and seeming to offer equal sharpness to its more hi-res brethren.

HTC Titan: Camera

Windows Phones aren’t noted as packing the fastest snappers on the market, but they are among the most usable, as Microsoft insists on a specific camera key on each handset. The whopping screen of the Titan makes it easy to compose your pics, although the larger size can mean some shaky snaps.

We’re not overly taken with the 720p footage we nabbed with the Titan, but if you don’t want to chuck your home videos onto a large TV, the smoothness is pretty impressive on a phone or tablet screen.

HTC Titan: Interface

Microsoft has finally delivered the second (ish) version of its new Windows Phone OS, with Mango the name given to the platform, which now offers enhanced live tiles and deeper Twitter integration as well as a superbly swift internet browser.

We’re big fans of Windows Phone here at T3 towers when it comes to value for money, but perhaps not when it comes to a fully-fledged OS - the new features like seamless messaging between different accounts and a slick new internet browser are great, but not the most amazing on test.

However, the interface IS pretty darn good, with a responsive feel under the finger and an easy to use system making it easy to see the latest information from your apps without having to tap the screen at all. However, it still lacks the functionality of Android, which excels with contextual menus and more intuitive notifications.

HTC Titan: Battery

The battery life is more than acceptable as well, with the power meter only dropping to 50% around 8PM each night, which is more than good enough in our eyes.

That’s partly to do with a slightly less than impressive internet browser meaning we spent less time surfing on the go - while there are some sites where we veritably stripped through the content (namely those optimised for the mobile phone) there were some that took an age to load up.

HTC Titan: Verdict

Compared to the rest on test, the Titan is a big screen with an ever-improving OS underneath... but we can’t help but think the Sensation XL (the same phone running Android) is a better bet.

However, if you’re after something different from an Android or iPhone device, and want to take the plunge with Microsoft (plus loving the thought of big screen media on the go) then the HTC Titan is certainly not without its charms.

HTC Titan availabilty: Out now

HTC Titan price: £440 SIM free, Free from £31 a month