Xbox One release date leaked?

Xbox One will be released on November 8th, according to Kotaku

The Xbox One could be released as early as November 8th, according to alleged leaked internal retail documents obtained by Kotaku

Microsoft came out swinging at Gamescom last week, offering free copies of FIFA 14 to any European pre-orders of the Xbox One and exclusive content for FIFA Ultimate Team on its platform. It opted, however, to stay silent on its console's release date.

Now documents have surfaced that seem to indicated the Xbox One may see release - at least Stateside - on November 8th. Gaming website Kotaku has cited a source "who works for a marketing company that handles signage and product placement for retail giant Walmart" that has leaked an email containing the dates for all the midnight launches the retailer has planned.

In amongst the list of Triple A blockbuster titles planned for release duing the latter half the year - including GTA 5, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and Battlefield 4 - is a date for the release of the Xbox One, listed as November 8th.

Kotaku has pointed out that in the document the date for the Xbox One's release hasn't been confirmed. However, if the Xbox One were to be released on November 8th, it would give Microsoft a week's lead over the PS4, which is out in the States on November 15th.

We've recached out to Microsoft for comment on this and received back a 'no comment'.

“We look forward to launching Xbox One in 13 markets around the world in November this year. We have no other details to share at this time," a Microsoft spokesperson said.