Windows Phone 7.5 update to bring turn-by-turn guidance

Plus: 'Mango' update brings a host of other Bing features

Autumn update will bring a bag of new tricks

We know that the Mango update to Windows Phone 7 is set to bring a host of features necessary for the platform to stay afloat - the OTA update, set for Autumn, will bring much-needed multi-tasking to the OS – but what else is in store?

New details leaking out across the web reveal that Mango will also add a couple of tasty additions to Bing. Most notably, Bing Maps will be able to offer turn-by-turn guidance – a feature currently offered by both iOS and Android. There will also be Shazam-style song tagging via Bing Audio, and scanning of QR codes, barcodes and text, thanks to a new Bing Video feature.

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