White Samsung Galaxy S confirmed, coming to the UK?

And no, Apple, there aren't any supply problems...

'Snow White' two-tone handset lands in Samsung's homeland

If you’re tired of waiting for a white handset form the fruity ones, why not turn your attentions to Android? It’s a South Korea-only release at the moment, but Samsung has officially confirmed the release of a white Galaxy S.

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The Galaxy S has been doing big business over here, being Samsung’s first foray into the world of the premium Android smartphone. While Apple wrestles with supply problems over its much-anticipated white iPhone 4, this white counterpart will be made available in South Korea imiinently.

Will it come to the UK? Quite possibly. It’d be wise of Samsung to capitalise on white smartphone fever with what looks to be their best ever received handset, after all. A similar ‘blanco’ white model has already appeared on one Spanish website, suggesting an imminent European invasion, even though there’s no official word as such from Samsung.

Via Engadget