US builds model of internet to test cyber war scenarios

Cyber war games to be played in the internet model

Internet model in the works

The US is working on a scale model of the internet to test cyber war ops.

The project worth millions of dollars is going to be a 'virtual firing range' where they can simulate cyber attacks and so create systems to protect against them.

This allows tests to be carried out quickly, without loss of time.

The system has been commissioned by the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency, and will also allow the US to test its defenses without affecting the real world.

The US will be able to carry out test operations "in days rather than the weeks it currently takes," according to Eric Mazzacone, a DARPA spokesman.

The project is currently in the conception stage. The US recently put aside $500m (£309m) of its defense budget to develop "cyber technologies," with cyber-attacks now considered an act of war.

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Via: TechRadar