Tech Today: Steve Jobs movie update, Nokia Windows Phones

Plus: Kindle Fire spending sees Amazon revenue drop, 3DS Mario Kart steering wheel outed

Nokia's first Windows Phone handsets will arrive later today, but leaked promotional materials have already spilled the beans. Meanwhile, Sony wants The Social Network screenwriter to pen Steve Jobs: The Movie

Nokia Windows Phone handsets revealed before launch
The first and long-awaited Nokia Windows Phone devices will be unveiled at Nokia World today, but we got a sneak preview on Tuesday evening thanks to leaked promotional materials uncovered by WinRumors. The first devices will be the Nokia Lumia 800, which looks a little like the N9, and and the Lumia 710, which is a curved Candybar device. All will be revealed when Stephen Elop takes the stage at Nokia World in London later today.
Link: WinRumors

Social Network writer to pen Steve Jobs movie screenplay?
Reports on Tuesday evening suggest that Sony Pictures, having acquired the rights to turn Steve Jobs' official biography, wants Aaron Sorkin to write the screenplay. Sorkin also penned The Social Network screenplay for Sony.
Link: MacRumors

Microsoft testing Windows 8 on TouchPad
The discontinued HP TouchPad may still live, in some respect, with rumors claiming that Microsoft is using the ill-fated WebOS-running tablet to test its new Windows 8 operating system. The proof of concept experiment, if true, offers some hope that the hardware may be resurrected, although it's arguable that WebOS was the only thing worth missing anyway.
Link: Gizmodo

Kindle Fire spending sees Amazon revenue fall 73 per cent
Spending on long-term projects like the Kindle Fire tablet saw Amazon's revenue dip by a whopping 73 per cent despite a growth in sales. The $199 (£120) Kindle Fire costs Amazon more to manufacture than it will receive from customers as it seeks to undercut the Apple iPad.
Link: DailyMail

Mario Kart steering wheel accessory for 3DS sneaks out
The seventh iteration of Mario Kart arrives for 3DS arrives in December, but it now seems it'll be joined by a nifty steering wheel accessory that's clip onto your handheld console. Engadget says the wheel will have the Nintendo seal of approval, will have shoulder buttons and will cost around $17.
Link: Engadget