Tech Today: Shock iPad 3 hands-on, Intel Atom phones

Plus: James Bond Blu-ray box-set, Google announces Search Plus Your World

In Tuesday's late-breaking tech news, the iPad 3 has supposedly been spotted at CES, while Google has caused outrage with its Search Plus Your World feature. Plus, the first Intel-based smartphones are here

Intel announces first Atom smartphone
The first smartphone to boast Intel an Atom processor has been announced in the form of the Lenovo K800. The Intel Atom platform, previously known as Medfield, has been long in the works and offers an alternative in an ARM dominated world. Intel has also announced a multi-device partnership with Motorola for Atom devices in 2012.
Link: TechRadar

iPad 3 to keep same design as iPad 2
The iLounge website is claiming a pretty big exclusive: Hands-on with the as-yet-announced Apple iPad 3. “From the back, you could walk past this new iPad on display and have no idea that anything had changed,” said the site. It claims that the iPad 3 will be 1mm thicker and will boast a larger rear camera according to the report.
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James Bond Blu-ray box-set announced
To celebrate 50 years of the world's most famous spy, MGM has revealed a Blu-ray box-set featuring all 22 James Bond movies. It's the first time all of 007's escapades have arrived together in one Blu-ray collection and comes with 130 hours of special features. Check the video below for the full 007 overload.
Link: Engadget

Google announces Search Plus Your World
There's a mini outrage online about Google's plans to infuse content from Google+ and Picasa with your search results. Instead of simply scouring its regular algorithms, the company will now pull in information from your Google+ circles. So, for example if you search for Star Wars, the top results won't just be IMDB, Lucasfilm and Wikipedia, it'll bring links shared by your friends using the social network. Twitter called it "a bad day for the internet"
Link: TechCrunch

Spotify introduces limited listening in the US
UK users have been restricted to ten hours of Spotify a month if they're unwilling to stump-up a tenner a month and now the grace period is over for those Stateside too. Following a six month unlimited offering, Americans will only get ten hours a month too. New signees will still get six months of unlimited.
Link: Mashable