Sony PlayStation Vita specs unveiled at E3

Sony's PSPowerhouse bares all at Los Angeles gaming expo

Sony's PlayStation Vita stripped down and exposed.

The PlayStation Vita has had its official specs outed at E3 by Sony after months of speculation. Sony's follow-up to the PSP is shaping up to be a real monster of a gaming machine, featuring a 5" AMOLED touchscreen for super-high contrast, dual-analogue sticks a la PlayStation 3 controllers, a touch-sensitive back panel and graphics comparable with its big brother, the PS3.

The screen itself has a resolution of 960x554 pixels, and the handheld also features SixAxis control, letting players tilt the Vita from side to side, forwards and backwards and turn it like a steering wheel.

Under the hood, the Vita packs an ARM Cortex A9 processor, which is the same technology as used in the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Nvidia Tegra 2 graphics chips and the Apple A5 processor found in the iPad 2.

The PlayStation Vita will be available in WiFi and 3G models, presumably to allow for gaming on the go and social networking, both of which we expect to make use of the Vita's front and rear-facing cameras.

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Sony Vita video

We were given a sneak peek of the Vita a couple of weeks ago back when it was called the NGP. We weren't allowed to film the product but here's a rundown of our Deputy Editor made of the new handheld console.

Source: T3 Tech Videos