Sonos PLAYBAR launched along with updated iPhone app

Wireless audio specialists Sonos enter the world of home theatre

PLAYBAR is the Sonos take on a soundbar offering not only the premium wireless tech we've come to expect but some impressive new features as well

Sonos have just unveiled their new PLAYBAR, a wireless TV soundbar which offers both full virtual surround sound but is also compatible with the rest of the Sonos wireless range making it a room speaker as well.

Milled from a single piece of aluminium the PLAYBAR contains nine speakers all angled at 45-degrees and in a spread pattern allowing the sound to completely fill any room.

With just three buttons on the side everything can be controlled via your TV remote thanks to two intelligent IR receivers which will learn what you're using, or through the newly updated iPhone app which now fills the iPhone 5 screen.

On the back you'll find a single optical cable where all the input comes from the TV into which you can connect your Blu-ray player, Sky box or games console.

The PLAYBAR isn't just a set of speakers though, Sonos claim it's their most intelligent product yet with built-in sensors detecting whether you've placed the PLAYBAR flat, on the wall below the TV or above it, automatically adjusting the sound to match.

Night Sound is a new feature which will intelligently analyse the input and soften explosions and loud bangs when doing some late night viewing, it'll also then increase the volume and clarity of voices and softer sounds balancing out the entire range.

For those who want the true 5.1 experience the PLAYBAR can sync with two Play:3 speakers and the Sonos Sub letting you create your own wireless surround sound system.

The PLAYBAR will be available in the UK from March 5th costing £599, considering the features and design it's not hard to see people being won over.