Samsung stops selling Windows 8 RT tablets in Germany?

Weak demand rumoured to be cause

With Samsung having already made the decision not to sell the Windows 8 RT tablet in the US it now appears as though consumer opinion is now forcing its hand in Europe as well

Samsung will reportedly stop sales of its Windows RT ATIV Tab in Germany as a result of poor sales according to two German tech sites. The company has apparently been in talks with retailers about how much demand there has been for the Windows 8 tablet.

If this turns out to be true it'll be a big blow to Microsoft considering Germany is Europe's biggest economy, add to that the fact that Samsung decided against launching the ATIV in the US from the start.

According to MobileGeeks Samsung execs confirmed the exit at CeBit in Hanover saying that the company couldn't see a viable market for RT in Europe.

It's not clear as to why they think this is however it'd be a fair guess to say that the already established dominance of Android tablets and Apple's iPad will definitely be a contributing factor.

Source: MobileGeeks, Engadget