Samsung Galaxy Tab: 15 per cent returned?

More bad news for Sammy's Android slate

News comes after two million sales figures were called into question.

The problems appear to be mounting up for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Just days after being forced to admit that those two million sales were actually to distributors rather than gadget fanatics, one Wall Street firm is claiming that as many as 15 per cent of the slates have been returned.

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The news comes from the New York Post, which does not specify which Wall Street outfit is making the claims. If true though, it represents a massive issue for the Korean tech titan, with the iPad suffering a far lower two per cent return rate.

The stat covers the period from launch until 16 January, with users apparently unhappy with the user experience. It appears Samsung’s decision to enter the tablet game early with Android FroYo, rather than wait for Honeycomb, has backfired.

With the Galaxy Tab 2 a dead cert for MWC, Samsung probably won’t be too concerned. But this, combined with the bluster about sales, will surely give Apple hope that it can see off the upcoming slew of Android tablets.

Via Unwired View