Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 launch unaffected by iPad 2

Sammy to go ahead with Galaxy Tab 10.1 launch schedule

Shipping plans for Galaxy Tab 10.1 unchanged, but will the iPad 2 drag down the launch price?

In spite of some troubling rumblings out of Samsung HQ in the wake of the iPad 2 on Friday, Samsung are reportedly not sticking the upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1 on a crash diet to take on Apple's new "dramatically thin" iOS tablet.

The rumours that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was to go under the knife for some last minute fat-trimming was stirred by a quote allegedly from Lee Don-Joo, the executive vice president of Samsung's mobile division. Speaking on the Galaxy Tab 10.1's ability to compete with the iPad 2, Don-Joo said: "We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate... Apple made [the iPad 2] very thin."

Samsung's follow-up to the less-than-inspired Galaxy Tab, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, made its debut at MWC in February, measuring in at a mere 10.9mm thick. However, while Samsung were focussing on cramming in an 8MP camera, Apple were shaving off every last millimetre of bulk that they could, with its iPad 2 measuring in at just 8.8mm. Critically, Jobs and Co. are also promising to keep the pricing of the latest iPad steady at £439 for the cheapest, WiFi-only model - a price point other tablet producers so far are struggling to undercut.

However, according to Samsung spokespeople, the plans for shipping the Galaxy Tab 10.1 remain unchanged, although no release date has yet been unveiled. But will Sammy's shaken confidence result in a discounted, iPad-beating price tag? We wait with crossed fingers.

Via: All Things Digital