Samsung Galaxy S 2 outsells original to set record

Beats younger sibling to become fastest selling handset

Despite having the iPhone 4 and its own sibling breathing down its neck, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 has managed to defy the odds.

Samsung has revealed that after just 55 days its flagship handset, the Samsung Galaxy S 2, has sold over 3 million units, swiftly surpassing the company's previous record set by the original Samsung Galaxy S.

The smartphone which measures in at just 8.49mm thin has received widespread praise for its huge power in the form of a dual core processor and excellent Super AMOLED Plus screen which, according to some, could even rival the iPhone 4's retina display.

This is clearly great news for the South Korean company as it means that just on Galaxy S 2 sales alone, they're moving on average one handset every 1.5 seconds. Hardly a statistic to be sniffed at.

So is the Samsung Galaxy S 2 still the king of the hill, or will the upcoming iPhone 5 be able to topple its reign? Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: Engadget