RIM and Nokia play nice with new patent license

RIM settles ahead of 2013 BlackBerry 10 launch

With BlackBerry 10 just around the corner and Nokia looking to expand its Windows Phone 8 line up it made sense for the two companies to put aside their differences

Nokia and RIM have signed a patent agreement which will end all legal proceedings between the two companies allowing RIM to use Nokia's wireless technology in its current smartphones and in the upcoming BlackBerry 10 handsets.

The agreement involves a one-time payment by RIM but will also include on-going royalties which will allow RIM to use the technology indefinitely. Nokia, which has invested over 4.5 billion Euros in its patent portfolio have expressed their relief at the settlement saying,

"We are very pleased to have resolved our patent licensing issues with RIM and reached this new agreement, while maintaining Nokia's ability to protect our unique product differentiation," said Paul Melin, chief intellectual property officer at Nokia. "This agreement demonstrates Nokia's industry leading patent portfolio and enables us to focus on further licensing opportunities in the mobile communications market."

RIM's Chief Legal Office Steve Zipperstein echoed the sentiments of Nokia saying, "This Agreement further demonstrates RIM’s effort to effectively resolve the patent complexities that face our industry. With these lawsuits out of the way, we will continue to focus on delivering BlackBerry 10 in the next calendar quarter,”

A settlement of this kind is something of a rarity compared to Apple and Samsung who have been at legal loggerheads after Apple suggested some of Samsung's smartphones were copying the iPhone and the iPad with their designs.