PlayStation Phone could damage Sony, says analyst

New phone "could do more harm than good"

Imminent launch not universally heralded by tech watchers.

The PlayStation Phone is but days away from getting the official nod. But one analyst reckons the gaming blower’s imminent debut could spell trouble for Sony and create a raft of confusion.

Speaking to our pals at Tech Radar, Nick Gibson of Games Investor Ltd didn’t mince his words. “The PlayStation Phone concept is something of an enigma,” he said, citing recent PSP2 leaks and the fact that the PSP is still selling relatively well.

Gibson continued, “Where and how will it fit into the PlayStation family of products? While a PlayStation-branded game phone might make commercial sense to Sony Ericsson, Sony Computer Entertainment’s approach to hardware is radically different, and there are numerous scenarios where such a product could do more harm than good.”

Will the PlayStation Phone hamper efforts to release the PSP2? Or can the two live side-by-side? Tell us what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Tech Radar