OnLive: iPad, iPhone and Android versions primed

Cloud-gaming on-the-go incoming says OnLive boss

OnLive iPhone app still a way off but Android is a definite.

Cloud-gaming service OnLive is surging ahead with plans to bring the recently launched service to the iPhone, iPad and Google Android. That’s according to top suit Steve Perlman, who says the latter is the most likely to rock up.

Perlman, who says the launch if OnLive has beaten all expectations, said that he wants to get OnLive working properly over Wi-Fi first and that PCs and Macs are his main concern,.When pressed on phones and tablets though, he wasn’t shy about coming forward.

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“We'll figure out what the right timing is for the iPad, the iPhone, and the Android,” he said. “Nobody can promise that Apple is going to permit an application to run, and we haven't submitted it yet. I'm optimistic they will, but if not, it will be available on the Android.”

Perlman went on to say that OnLive was working well on the iPad and iPhone but that devs would need to tweak titles in order for them to play nice with the touchscreens on both devices. And that’s of course dependent on Apple giving the green light to what is fast becoming a competitor in the gaming space.

OnLive is due to drop here in the UK later this year. Will you be getting involved? And would you like to see a mobile version? Tell us now on Facebook and Twitter.

Via Cnet