Nokia Lumia 900 price halved following Windows Phone 8 snub

Nokia has slashed the price of its flagship Windows Phone handset following WP8 snub

With Microsoft confirming no current Windows Phone handset will get the WP8 upgrade, Nokia has slashed the price of its leading Lumia 900 handset

Nokia has halved the price of the hugely successful Nokia Lumia 900 handset in the US just days after it was confirmed the device would not be eligible for the upcoming Windows Phone 8 upgrade.

Whilst it is unclear as to weather the Finnish phone manufacturer intends to bring similar price cuts to the UK, in the US those looking to snap up the Lumia 900 through the AT&T network now have to part with just $49.99 as opposed to the previous $99.99 price.

With Microsoft confirming in recent weeks that no existing Windows Phone handset would be able to support the Window Phone 8 upgrade when the new software lands later this year, a number of handset manufacturers, including Nokia, have had to reassess the options for their current WP packing devices.

"This move is a normal strategy that is put in place during the lifecycle of most phones," Nokia spokesman Doug Dawson explained to the Wall Street Journal. "It allows a broader consumer base to buy this flagship device at a more accessible price."

The Nokia Lumia 900 is an oversized sibling of the company’s first Windows Phone handset, the Lumia 800 with the polycarbonate shell playing host to a 4.3-inch AMOLED Clear Black display, a 1.4GHz single-core processor and an 8-megapixel rear-mounted camera with 720p HD video recording capabilities.

Unlike the 800, the Lumia 900 also boasts a second, 1.3-megapixel, forward-facing snapper whilst 16GB of internal storage allow for ample music, entertainment and app collections to be held.

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Via: WallStreetJournal