Nintendo 3DS stolen and disassembled

First look at pinched 3DS' internal hardware

Image 1 of 4 3DS stolen and disassembled
3DS stolen and disassembled
Image 2 of 4 The Nintendo 3DS
The Nintendo 3DS
Image 3 of 4  how it should look
how it should look
Image 4 of 4 Back of the Nintendo 3DS showing the battery
Back of the Nintendo 3DS showing the battery

A closer look at the inner workings of Nintendo's latest handheld.

A lone black Nintendo 3DS has been pinched and disembowled by a larcenous employee in Taiwan, if photos popping up around the internet are anything to go by.

There are no details on the hardware on display besides what's in the pictures over at TVGZone, so for now all we can do is look on in wonder at all that glasses-free 3D hardware. More information as it surfaces.