New MacBook Pros struggling with iTunes Home Sharing

Software niggles suggest all is not well with new machines

New top-end laptops having trouble working with beefed up iTunes Home Sharing.

The new MacBook Pro line-up is undoubtedly ace. But it seems the pricey, unibody machines are struggling to work with the recently beefed up iTunes Home Sharing function, with users unable to stream content from their MacBook Pros to Apple TVs, iPhones and iPads.

Apple’s official discussion boards have been alive with chat about the problem, with users unable to find a workaround and some even returning their machines to the Cupertino company.

Users claim that they cannot see their media library at all on iOS devices. Word is the problem could have something to do with the new MacBook Pros’ updated Intel chips, although owners of older top-end Apple laptops have also complained about similar problems.

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Via Apple Insider