New Kinect techology to reduce lag?

Research may improve motion controller performance

Kinect sensor accuracy and response rate under the microscope

Researchers at Microsoft have outlined potential new technology which could be used to improve the performance of its Kinect gaming peripheral.

The paper, written by Microsoft Research in Cambridge, discusses the use of 3D depth maps which already contain identified body parts, and a server that collects all the data from these maps to predict movement in 3D space more accurately.

If the technology were to be introduced as an update to Kinect in the future, it could help to improve on the lag times which have often been commented on regarding the current Kinect setup.

Kinect, which recently was named the fastest selling consumer electronics device ever by Guinness World Records shifted almost 8 million of the devices by the first week of January 2011.

While this latest research has not been confirmed to feature for Kinect, it's good to know that Microsoft is always hard at work trying to make things even better.

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