Move vs Kinect gets Lord of the Rings vs Potter battle

Two games, two peripherals: one magical rift ensues

Gamescon showed off two rather nifty new titles for two very different ways of gaming, here's what was on offer.

With the motion-controlled gaming rivalries kicking off in the lead up to Christmas, Microsoft 's Kinect and Sony's Playstation Move peripherals will be fighting it out for the top stop, despite offering very different ways of gaming.

Gamescon it appears was the setting for the latest round with Lord of the Rings: Aragorns Quest fighting the corner for Playstation Move whilst the latest Harry Potter outing is announced to be on the side of Kinect.

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Well to be honest it was never going to be a completely fair fight, for a start Harry Potter cheats a bit because for the majority of the game you'll be using the conventional controller, then when things get a bit pre-determinedly hairy you switch over to the Kinect and battle your way through, flailing your hands in spell-like fashions at the enemy.

Aragorn's Quest on the other hand uses purely the motion-controllers for directional movement and combat as well. Following round-the-fire stories from Samwise, the plot chronicles the adventures of Aragorn in a slightly cartoon-like style. So whilst Samwise happily recalls the days past you run around like Zelda slashing the controller, not unlike the Wii in fact.

In truth that's essentially the problem, Harry Potter cheats, and Aragorn's Quest is a multi-platform game, so ultimately the choice will be up to you as to whether you'll be flailing around casting spells, or dispatching orks with a disproportionately large sword. Decisions, decisions.

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