Largest Apple store in world opens in London tomorrow

Covent Garden store Cupertino's biggest ever

Doors open at 10am for Apple worshippers and those looking to get their troubled Apple kit fixed.

Apple is flinging open the doors of its largest store in the world tomorrow. And it’s right here in Blighty. The new flagship space is in London’s Covent Garden and gazumps both the Regent Street and 5th Avenue, New York locations.

It opens at 10am on Saturday and inside you’ll find the largest Genius Bar ever created, ideal for fixing myriad niggles with your Mac and mouthing off about a certain antenna issue with the iPhone 4.

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On top of the standard one-to-one training, there’s also a ‘Community Room’ where you can get in-depth tuition in pro apps such as Final Cut. If you’d rather just play around with kit instead of busting out your wallet, there are 56 Macs, 30 iPads, 40 iPods and 30 iPhones to tinker with.

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