LA Noire crashes: Sony and Rockstar deny blame

New title also causing some Xbox 360s to crash

Joint statement comes after Rockstar said new PS3 firmware was causing console to overheat.

Sony and Rockstar have issued a joint statement, denying that either company is to blame for a series of console crashes which have occurred while gamers get stuck into new bestseller LA Noire.

Yesterday, Rockstar said that Sony’s latest PS3 firmware update, 3.61, was causing the console to overheat and turn itself off. It then turned out the issue was not just limited to the PS3, with the Xbox 360 also hit.

The joint statement says, “We have received a very small number of customer support questions about PS3's overheating or shutting down while playing L.A. Noire. At this time, Rockstar Games and Sony can confirm that neither L.A. Noire or firmware update 3.61 are causing the PS3 hardware to overheat.”

Both companies say they’re looking for a solution. But if neither is to blame, just who’s fault is it? Expect to hear more about this in the coming days as Rockstar and Sony delve deeper. Has your PS3 been affected? How about your Xbox 360? Let us know now on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

L.A Noire video

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