iTunes cloud streaming service incoming

Insider sources suggest streaming and wireless syncing coming soon

New cloud-based service will let you snaffle tracks direct from Apple's servers and share your own tunes too.

iTunes streaming has been grist to the rumour mill for years. But now it seems the much-vaunted cloud-based package is on its way, with sources close to Apple claiming it’ll be given the official nod in the next few months.

The offering will be broken down into three areas. First up is streaming music from Apple’s servers, letting you listen to tracks and watch back flicks that you’ve bought from the iTunes store without clogging up your hard drive. Importantly, this isn’t limited to Macs, spreading across devices with wireless skills, meaning iPads, iPhones and iPods should play nice.

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There’ll also be the chance to share your iTunes bought wares direct from your iTunes library on your Mac or PC, although whether this extends to goodies you’ve ripped or snaffled elsewhere remains unclear.

Wireless syncing is also on its way, which means not only can you jettison that old white cable, but also tie up all your notes, calendars and apps with your Mac or PC over-the-air. There’s no specific date for this major iTunes update, but with Apple’s annual iPod event falling in September, expect to hear plenty more then.

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