iPad 3 Retina Display rumours hot up

Screen resolution could be amped up on new tablet

Gossip once again points to 2011 release for next-gen slate.

Rumours are once again flying about the iPad 3. And this time the gossip centres on the next-gen slate’s display. A new report from the Taiwan’s Economic Daily claims that the device will rock a screen resolution ‘5 or 6 times’ that of the iPad 2.

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This could potentially mean the iPad 3 comes with a 2400x1600 panel, allowing Apple to claim it’s loaded up the tab with a Retina Display. The iPad 2 has the same 1024x768 resolution as the original version of the tablet.

The same website also claims that Apple is working towards a fourth quarter release, backing up other reports which have suggested the company could show off the new slate alongside the iPhone 5.

Is the iPad 3 coming too soon? And will it really have such an amped up screen? Tell us what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Unwired View