iPad 3 and iPhone 6 Apple A6 processor enters testing?

Apple tests A6 CPU after dropping Samsung

Apple A6 processor reportedly enters testing ahead of iPad 3 and iPhone 6 inclusion

With the iPhone 5 and mooted iPad 2 Plus still nothing more than rumour and speculation new reports have suggested that Apple is already testing the A6 processor expected to land in the long off iPad 3 and iPhone 6 devices.

With the current iPad 2 included 1GHz dual-core A5 processor expected to land in the mooted iPhone 5 handset this September, new reports have suggested Apple is to drop A5 manufacturer Samsung from the production of the A6 chip as the next-generation processor enters early testing stages.

The latest revelation in a longstanding battle between the brands Apple is claimed to have ousted Samsung from its iDevice processor production duties as the iPhone 6 and iPad 3 A6 CPU is said to have begun being tested by TSMC.

“We know that the iPad 3 will be the first of their iOS devices to get the new processor, so we should expect confirmation of this [new manufacturer] in March 2011,” tech blog Product Reviews announced earlier today.

Latest iPhone 5 rumours have claimed that the eagerly awaited handset will forgo expectation a not land in September instead the Apple handset is said to be heading for an August 16th release date with an 8-megapixel camera and 1080p Full HD video recording capabilities.

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Via: ProductReviews