iPad 2 issues officially confirmed by Apple

Verizon iPad 2s in the US hit by connectivity troubles

Connectivity issues trouble Verizon iPad 2 launch

Apple has officially acknowledged there are issues with the recently released iPad 2 after scores of tablet users tethered to the Verizon network in the US report connectivity problems.

No stranger to well publicised problems following the antennagate media storm that hit the release of the iPhone 4, Apple has confirmed a “small number” of Verizon iPad 2 customers are experiencing connectivity issues with their recently purchased second-generation tablets and have begun actively investigating the troubles.

The problems, which have seen iPad 2 touting Verizon customers flooding message boards, were confirmed by an Apple spokeswoman who stated the company was pursuing a solution to the issues that surround difficulties with the tablet accessing the relevant 3G data networks.

The iPad 2 officially launched last month with the market dominating tablet adding a new dual-core processor, front and rear mounted cameras and a slimmer, lighter form factor for the second generation.

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Via: WallStreetJournal