Google resumes Street View photography

Google Street View cars are back in four countries.

Google Street View returns: every breath you take, every move you make, it's watching you... Again.

Google Street View cars return to the streets of Ireland, Norway, South Africa and Sweden next week.

Google has revamped their Street View vehicles by removing all Wi-Fi data collection equipment after apologizing for unintentionally collecting data from unsecured wireless networks.

The Google blog states that more countries will start seeing the Google cars again and that this time, only photos and 3D imagery will be snapped up.

The blog also points out how other services like TeleAtlas and NavTeq for Bing maps take street view photographs as well.

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Google has already faced a lot of flak for their Street View service including being labelled "a service for burglars" and being criticised for revealing the location of the SAS's secret headquarters.

In addition to the Google Street View cars getting back on the road, Google was served up another dollop of good news today with the announcement that China has renewed Google's license to operate in the country. So ends months of struggle between the Big G and the Chinese government over the issue of censorship and filtering of search results.

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Via: Google Blog and Google European Public Policy Blog