Galaxy S4 launch will hit HTC, Nokia and LG harder than Apple, expert says

Samsung can also win by framing passionate iPhone vs S4 debate

The Samsung Galaxy S4 can surpass the success of the all-conquering Galaxy S3, but it's Nokia, LG and HTC that must watch their backs, not Apple, according to one mobile expert

After shipping an estimated 40 million Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphones in less than twelve months, it’s almost hard to imagine the Koreans continuing such epic growth and taking an even larger slice of the pie with the forthcoming Galaxy S4.

Heck, a company executive recently claimed it expects a plateau in smartphone growth, while aiming to double tablet sales.

However, one mobile marketing expert tells T3 that the Galaxy S4 can give the company an even greater market share if it sticks to the principles that made the S3 such a runaway success story.

However, rather then stealing more iPhone

He said: “The huge sales of the S3 was surprising to some, yet it proved that consumers were longing for choice at the premium end of market. The S3’s specs were great and, importantly, it looked different but as good as the iPhone. Finally, the S3 was cheaper.

“If Samsung follow this same approach then I can see them getting even more market share, which may be less at the expense of Apple than HTC, LG and Nokia.”

Samsung can also be aided by continuing to distinguish itself from the iPhone in the social arena to create a passionate iPhone vs Samsung debate before Cupertino launches its next iPhone.

Hilton added: “Are you an iPhone or a Samsung person? This is a question that sparks passionate debate. This social element will be fundamental to the S4’s adoption and growth, particularly with a new iPhone on the horizon.”

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be unveiled at a glitzy event in New York City next Thursday. Join T3 for live coverage of the most anticipated mobile launch of 2013 so far.