BlackBerry PlayBook getting Android apps?

Insiders claim RIM working on way to access Google add-ons

RIM working on own software to allow access to apps.

The BlackBerry PlayBook might look and feel like a bona fide iPad rival. But it’s lacking something when it comes to decent apps. That’s why RIM is said to be working on a way to bring Android apps to the forthcoming slate.

“Three people familiar with the matter,” claim that the BlackBerry maker is developing special software internally, having decided against using Google’s Dalvik, the Java software used for Android apps.

Analysts reckon this is a savvy move by RIM, as it will offer the security and work smarts of a BlackBerry device, with the welter of Android apps already on offer, hence making it a decent tool for work and play.

BlackBerry App World only has 20,000 or so add-ons, compared to around 130,000 in Android Market. If it does make the move, it will be interesting to see just how Google reacts. Does the PlayBook need Android apps? Or is this a bad move by RIM? Tell us what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages now.

Via Bloomberg