BlackBerry Bold 9780 shows future of work is mobile at T3 Awards

T3 Gadget Awards 2011: BlackBerry Bold 9780 wins Work Gadget of the Year Award

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RIM continues to prove that despite the changing world of smartphones, its business focused , QWERTY-keyboard packing handsets are still the king of the roost and the workplace phone of choice

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 has kept its business credibility and despite heavy competition has been crowned T3’s Work Gadget of the Year 2011.

Brushing off the fact that it lacks a touchscreen and still uses a QWERTY keyboard, the Bold has proven that when it comes to business, speed is money, and when it comes to efficiency, this handset is hard to beat.

Fighting off stiff competition from the Apple iPhone 4, RIM has shrugged off its doubters showing that in the business market it is still the top dog and brand to beat as the likes of Apple, Samsung and HTC looking to close the gap in the profitable market.

BlackBerry Bold 9780 Specs

Packing BlackBerry’s OS6mobile operating system the Bold 9780 features the company’s trademark QWERTY keyboard alongside a 480 x 360p resolution screen, all wrapped in a premium chassis. With BlackBerry’s unrivalled expertise in business communication you’ll get BlackBerry’s email application along with all the security features that go with it.

When the tie comes off however there’s a 5-megapixel snapper with flash on the back, microSD card-slot for music and videos and the much improved BlackBerry App World letting you install apps to your hearts content.

BlackBerry Bold 9780 Design

Boasting one of the best and quickest keyboards to date, the Bold 9780 simply improves on a tried and tested formula. The optical trackpad is a modern twist on the trackball of old making browsing through the new UI quicker than ever.

Customisable convenience keys on the side let you have instant access to the apps or programs that you use the most, while the trademarked mute and lock buttons have remained on the top.

To see who got the gongs and in which category be sure to check out T3's Awards 2011 winners feature. Is the BlackBerry Bold 9780 your work phone of the year or would you have gone with one of the other finalists? Let us know via the comments box below…