Apple iPhone 5 to feature integrated SIM card?

iPhone 5 to scrap network provided SIM cards

Apple working on integrated SIM for iPhone 5

As rumour and speculation surrounding the touted iPhone 5 grows, new reports suggest that the predicted Apple handset will include an integrated SIM card allowing Apple to assign networks to individual handsets at customer’s request.

The technology reportedly being worked on by Steve Jobs’ team ahead of the next addition to its iPhone range is believed to come in the form of an integrated chip which will carry subscriber identification information and ultimately see the end of the little plastic cards currently issued directly from network service providers.

If included in the iPhone 5 handset, which is expected to follow Apple’s annual product cycle with a June 2011 release, the integrated SIM device would make purchasing a pocket blower direct from Apple’s online or highstreet stores an easier process for consumers.

With users able to pick a network provider at the point of sale, Apple could simply program the new device to that company’s service eliminating the need for shoppers to wait for networks to activate the handset or for the arrival of the corresponding SIM.

Whilst this muted integration would provide consumers with a simpler shopping experience and more control over their devices, it would essentially eliminate the network’s highstreet stores from the shopping chain of what will no doubt be one of the most popular handsets on the market.

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