Apple iPhone 4S shows up in Brazil

The new iPhone has been spotted in a factory in Brazil, but where's the iPhone 5?

Well this isn't looking too good for those looking forward to an iPhone 5. Speculation is mounting the only handset to be unveiled at tomorrow's "let's talk iPhone" event will be the iPhone 4S, and now Gizmodo Brazil has got its hands on snaps of the handset straight from a factory.

The snaps were taken at the Foxconn factory in Brazil, and as we all know, Foxconn is the manufacturer of the iPhone. The model number is given as N90A, which is what's rumoured to be the iPhone 4S.

The handset looks almost identical to the iPhone 4 too, which is also in keeping with rumours the iPhone 4S will be a slightly tweaked version of the existing model.

Though these handsets were far from perfect. Apparently they were found in the "reprovado" (disqualified) section, due to faults.

Apple's official announcement is tomorrow, kicking off at 6pm UK time. Will we see an iPhone 5 along with the 4S? Stay tuned, not long now till all is revealed…

Via Gizmodo.