Apple iOS 5 to be available via over-the-air download

Apple to do away with iTunes syncing for iOS update

Next-gen iOS update to do away with cabled syncing

Apple is to do away with compulsory iTunes syncing for the upcoming iOS 5 update allowing instead for over-the-air downloads of the new mobile operating system, new reports have suggested.

Just hours after iOS 4.3.3 was made available to download via iTunes, rumours have surfaced suggesting iOS 5 will allow users to update the mobile OS on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices over-the-air, utilising the wireless download tech for all subsequent OS releases.

Whilst Apple would need to considerably downsize the file sizes of iOS updates in order to make over-the-air downloads a possibility, the reportedly planned move would see future iOS updates use more incremental patches than regular full blown refreshes.

iOS 5 is expected to launch alongside the mooted iPhone 5, a device that is widely expected to follow Apple’s annual product cycles and touch down at WWDC next month. Numerous reports, however, have suggested the iPhone 5 will be delayed, not landing until September.

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Via: 9to5Mac