Apple granted patent for holographic display

Apple's patent allows for glassless 3D viewing

Apple looks like it's stepping into the 3D market with this patent.

Apple has been awarded a patent for a 3D stereoscopic system.

The rumours are now abound that we could be seeing a 3D iPhone in the future along with 3D iPads, Macs or even Apple entering the 3DTV business market.

Apparently, the patent was applied for in 2006 which has just been granted, and if developed, would allow Apple to bring 3D technology without the need for glasses to the world, bringing holographic images to the viewers with them using just their naked eyes.

The patent is looking to develop such a technology that would enable different viewers watching completely different things on the same screen to have a 3D experience. Stuff of the future indeed.

While we do have 3D technology in the market at the moment, they do require glasses to get the 3D effect.

Currently, this is only a patent, so don't hold your breath for 3D Apple products next year. Although we certainly don't mind hoping.

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Via: Pocket-Lint