Samsung Smart Hub: Nine reasons to buy

Why the Smart Hub outsmarts the competition

Offering over 70 apps and a simple but effective interface, the Samsung Smart Hub is the king of web-connected smart TVs. T3 explains why

Live TV is dead. Long live the latest generation of web-connected smart TVs. Overflowing with apps and a wide range of content just waiting to be streamed, these services offer more TV news and listings than an issue of the Radio Times. But with a whole pile of TV gadgets, such as the LG Smart TV Upgrader, flooding the market, seperating the winners from the losers could be a tad tricky. Luckily, T3 has got you covered.

The Samsung Smart Hub has all the web-connected TV essentials you need: generous storage space, Skype and apps galore. With features such as these, it's no wonder the Samsung Smart TV app celebrated its 2 million app download milestone last month. Here we give you our run-down of why Samsung's latest offering is king...

1/ Apps

With 70 apps and counting available from Samsung’s online app store this is one of the finest choices you’ll find on a TV

2/ Interface

A cleverly designed home page manages to integrate cloud-based on-demand content and apps with local network media streaming

3/ Storage

A generous 1GB of built-in storage means you can download apps – generally 3-5MB – without any fear of overloading your TV

4/ Organisation

Simple folders allow you to sort apps by type or user – keep kids’ games and “adult” content separate

5/ Search

Samsung’s My Video search function is a great way to search for upcoming movies and view trailers, reviews and other info from the web

6/ Browser

Several brands offer an integrated web browser, but usually they lack Flash support and apply other limitations. Samsung’s is the best there is. You still have to navigate it using a remote control though

7/ Skype

You can make Skype video calls if you attach a webcam and quality is a decent 720p

8/ 3D-ready

Run out of fresh content for your 3D TV? Samsung’s Explore 3D gathers together new 3D fi lms and trailers

9/ Catch-up TV

A growing amount of legitimate catch-up TV is available on YouTube and BBC iPlayer offers Auntie’s latest shows

We say...

Samsung’s Smart Hub, really nails it. The very well-stocked app store puts the others to shame, while its open web browser could become a killer feature once you can control it from your smartphone or Galaxy Tab.


Samsung Smart TV video: Hands-on

Source: T3 Video