New Apple iPod Touch features: Specs and pricing

Update sees new specs and white version

Want the latest iPod Touch release date, specs, pictures and speculation? Read on to find out what we expected and what has actually arrived in the form of Apple's latest iPod Touch

There's been no sign of the iPhone 5 in 2011 just yet, but Apple has already brought us the iPad 2, Mac OS X Lion and a new MacBook Air to salivate over for the time being.

So what's next on the agenda for Apple? It could well be a next generation smartphone, but it might just be a shiny new iPod Touch 5, well now we can finally reveal all you need to know about the latest iPod Touch.

At an Apple special event last September, the Cupertino company refreshed its entire iPod family with a new iPod Touch and touchscreen iPod Nano the pick of the announcements.

Well we've seen the annoucement and sat through the live blogs and can confirm that Apple will keep the current iPod Touch, instead adding a new white option to the foray.

iPod Touch 5 announcement

So the latest incarnation of the iPod Touch has appeared and will boast the latest iOS 5 and will also be available in white. To see a full rundown of the specs and what to expect head over to the full iPod Touch story below.

White iPod Touch launched at Apple's iPhone event

iPod Touch 5 3G and GPS support

One of the most interesting iPod Touch 5 rumours to surface arrives via the iOS 5 beta 4 release that points to a new Touch potentially boasting 3G data connectivity. According to the screenshot below grabbed by 9to5Mac, a toggle appears to show the option to switch from Wi-Fi to a cellular (mobile) network. That could mean scope to use your Touch with a VOIP app like Skype or make use of the Apple iMessage service to add call functionality to the iPod Touch. Additionally, another screenshot taken from iOS 5 beta 4 points to possible new GPS capabilities. It seems Apple may have leaked the iPod Touch 3G support themselves after an image appeared on the Apple website showing what appears to be an iPod Touch device with the 3G icon appearing in the corner of the screen. The image has since been pulled from the US site, but still appears on the UK Apple site.

True or False? Well we can now confirm that the new iPod Touch will not feature 3G with the only updates coming in the form of iOS 5 and a white edition.

iPod Touch 5 OTA updates

After Apple made the latest version of iOS 5 available in an over the air update, it has been strongly suggested that users will be able to update their iPod, iPhone and iPad much in the same way that has been common practice for Android users. The concept of not having too hook up your Apple device to a computer to get the newest features, can only be a good thing in our book.

True or False? This is true! Apple has confirmed that it will be offering wireless updates for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch.

iPod Touch 5 pictures

A series of leaked images suggest that the iPod Touch will follow the iPhone 4 and the iPad by sporting both black and white colour designs.

The leaked white iPod Touch components, which have appeared courtesy of 9to5Mac, have seemingly outed Apple's big iPod plans for 2011 revealing the PMP will be made available in white for the first time.

True or False? True.

iPod Touch 5 release date

If as expected, Apple holds its annual music event in September we could well see the iPod Touch 5 unveiled with availability shortly after just as it has been the case with previous iPod announcements. This year also marks the 10th anniversary of the iPod, so Apple could have something special in store for us.

MacRumours believes that Apple is hiring extra UK staff from August 16th, however this could have more to do with the arrival of the iPhone 5.

True or False? Well as that date has been and gone we can confirm that's false, what we do know however is it will be coming the same time as iOS 5 on October 12th.

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