The tiniest high-tech stocking fillers for a gadget-filled Christmas 2017

The best tech gifts for friends and family that you can fit inside a Xmas stocking.

Christmas is coming, if you hadn't already noticed, which means there's a good chance you're already frantically hunting around for suitable gifts for friends, family, and anyone else you want to stay on the right side of. Well, we're here to help you find them.

Shopping for stocking fillers isn’t always easy though. You’ve got size limitations to deal with, not to mention the often-challenging task of finding items that fit the recipient’s interests. Below, you can check out a list of stocking-ready gifts perfect for tech-savvy people on your list.

Amazon Echo Spot

A device that uses second-generation voice recognition to make life easier

Reasons to buy
+Syncs with smart appliances in your home+Built with four microphones and advanced noise-cancelling technology+Compatible with tens of thousands of Alexa Skills

The Echo Spot works with Alexa, Amazon's personal assistant. It can tell you the weather forecast or the latest headlines. Also, because this gadget has a video screen, it offers some features not available on other smart gadgets from the brand. For example, you can see your calendar, watch movie trailers and view or add items to a shopping list.

Garmin Speak with Amazon Alexa

It’s the first hands-free, in-vehicle device compatible with Alexa

Reasons to buy
+Has built-in Bluetooth compatibility+Seamlessly sends sound through a car’s speakers+Gives updates about live traffic conditions

This Garmin gadget attaches to your windshield, providing non-intrusive turn-by-turn directions that get you to your destination without hassles. Also, because the Garmin Speak works with Alexa, recipients can use this stocking filler to ask questions that get Wikipedia-generated answers, find out the location of the nearest gas station or make dinner reservations. Alexa plays music with streaming services, too.

Anker 4-Port Portable Data Hub

This ultra-slim gadget turns one USB port into several outlets

Reasons to buy
+Comes with a felt carrying pouch+Transfers data at speeds up to five Gbps+Supports Windows, Mac and Linux systems

When a computer doesn't have enough built-in ports, this gadget is a helpful solution. It allows a person to charge a computer with its original power cord while also using this hub to power USB- or HDMI-connected devices at the same time. The device only weighs 2.4 ounces, making it ideal for travel. It comes with an 18-month warranty, too.

Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo

Transfer data from your iPad or iPhone’s Camera Roll to free up space on the go

Reasons to buy
+Comes with a belt loop clip+Lies flat when plugged in for streamlined usage+Works with a dedicated, user-friendly app

The perfect gift for someone who loves to take pictures on an iPhone or iPad, this portable drive attaches to a device's USB port and swiftly transfers the photos off the iOS gadget. Available in sizes from 64-128 GB, it also permits taking snapshots and storing them directly on this tiny device. The Bolt works with multiple compatible gadgets, too.

Decibullz Custom-Fit Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Great-sounding earphones that stay in place due to material that fits your ear shape

Reasons to buy
+Available in five colours+Water- and sweat-resistant+Has parts made of durable machined metal

Featuring a small and lightweight design that fits in a pocket as well as a stocking, these earphones have noise-isolating properties that help users stay focused on tunes. They also include a remote and microphone with a handy volume-control component. Furthermore, AptX high-definition audio streaming gives people renewed appreciation for favorite tunes. These earphones also come with a case.

Rylo 360 Video Camera

Capture everything around you with a choice of several shooting modes

Reasons to buy
+Has built-in stabilisation technology+Features a mode that puts the user in the footage+Comes with a 16 GB microSD storage card

If someone on your shopping list wants to dive into the emerging art of shooting 360 video footage, this tiny camera makes it possible. Also, a complementing app makes it possible to view, edit and share videos without connecting the device to a computer. Because the camera weighs less than four ounces, it's ideal for anyone who loves travelling.

Netgear Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router

This gadget works as a travel wireless router and mobile hotspot in one

Reasons to buy
+Supports up to 20 wireless-enabled devices simultaneously+24-hour battery life+Built-in parental control options

Weighing less than nine ounces with the battery installed, this extremely portable gadget is the perfect present for tech-savvy people — or whole households. By using a compatible app, it's possible to check total data usage, verify connected wireless devices and view or play stored media files. Dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi technology boosts network performance with 2.4 GHz and five GHz capabilities.

Cross Peerless TrackR Pen

This is the world’s first pen with an internal tracking device

Reasons to buy
+Available in black or blue+Can connect to Bluetooth from up to 100 feet away+Backed by a lifetime mechanical guarantee

Do you know a person who always loses pens? This high-tech writing instrument solves that problem with location-based capabilities that tell the user how to find it. It also sends optional smartphone-powered audible notifications so an individual can find the pen through sound if the other data is not enough. Specially formulated ink keeps flowing to facilitate hassle-free writing, too.

Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer for iPhone

This gadget makes an iPhone immediately produce physical photos

Reasons to buy
+Prints pictures in only 30 seconds+Works with Instagram, Snapchat or camera roll photos+Photos print on zero-ink paper that turns pics into stickers

This palm-sized instant camera is a fantastic present for someone who loves the convenience of smartphone cameras but misses having photos to touch and feel. Users can also add a video to a picture — using the accompanying app and scanning the photo unlocks video footage. It's also possible to apply frames and filters or add text to photos before printing.

Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary Edition

The beloved virtual pet is back — but only in limited quantities

Reasons to buy
+Available in several colour combinations+Great for young kids and the young at heart+Weighs only half an ounce

Remember taking care of your virtual pet and giving it enough food, water and playtime to keep it alive? The phenomenally successful toy is back to celebrate its 20th anniversary, but as you might imagine, it's in short supply, and demand is high. An attached keychain makes it easy to carry this tech toy on a belt loop or bag.

Kayla Matthews
Kayla Matthews

Writing for more than five years, Kayla Matthews is a tech journalist and gadgets blogger contributing to MakeUseOf, GearDiary, TechnoBuffalo and VentureBeat.