Most expensive PC monitor ever? Porsche Design panel has a turbo-powered pricetag

How much!? Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro PD32M is a 32-inch 4K 144Hz monitor with a price that'll put you in a spin

Porsche Design AOC AGON PRO PD32M 32in 4K 144Hz monitor
(Image credit: Porsche Design)

Porsche Design has teamed up with Agon to create a sportscar-inspired monitor that comes with an asking price that might well put you in a spin. 

How much are we talking about exactly? This 32-inch 4K resolution panel with 144Hz refresh rate costs a staggering £1,698.99 in the UK. That's $2,215 by equivalent, for our US friends.

Indeed, the Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro PD32M's turbo-powered price will set you back more than even larger-scale curved monitors or OLED TVs of living room scale

What do you get for the money?

From a specification point of view, the PD32M isn't messing about: there's plenty of vroom about this panel. 

For starters it's a Mini LED, meaning its backlighting is direct from an array of miniature LED bulbs, delivering extra brightness and accuracy. A peak brightness of 1400 nits is quoted, so expect punchy high dynamic range (HDR) gaming. 

There's also just 1ms GtG response time, meaning just one millisecond will see a pixel shift from one level of grey to another, meaning near-instant feedback for ghost-free gaming straight off the line.

In terms of other spec you might be crunching your gears a little, though, as the 144Hz refresh rate isn't nearly as quick to cycle through the revolutions as some competitors that now offer 360Hz.

Porsche Design 4K 144Hz monitor with RGB lighting

(Image credit: Porsche Design)

It's very much a looker

There's also no denying that the PD32M is rather easy on the eyes as PC monitors go. 

The panel "features a unique design inspired by characteristics and details of a Porsche sports car," according to the official release. 

The stand is sandblasted aluminium, while the rear display housing is tapered and includes metal mesh inlays for the cooling and audio speakers.

The PD32M's RGB lighting feature might well be flashier than the interior of an actual Porsche, too, complete with customisation and, to quote, "an animated start-up logo and a special sound".

We do hope that's an enigmatic engine sound rather than a mouse playing a tiny trumpet. Although even that, thanks to the dual 8W speaker system with DTS sound enhancement, ought to sound super. 

So is this the priciest 32-inch PC monitor ever? Quite probably. But then you've got to love it for its uniqueness. 

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