Loewe's new Klang M1 is one of the most stylish Bluetooth speakers around

Bring your music with you

Loewe, everyone's favourite German audio brand, has just released its first ever portable Bluetooth speaker, the Klang M1.

Just like Loewe's other products, the M1 is exquisitely designed.

The Bluetooth speaker is a crafted from robust stainless-steel, there are no visible screws or fixings, and the polished bevelled edges offer subtle highlights to the minimal design.

It has the appearance of being both retro, but also chic and modern. 

The stainless steel is finished in Silver, Graphite Grey or (my personal favourite) Rose Gold. 

Of course, you're not buying the Klang M1 just for its looks (hopefully), Loewe has also spent a significant amount of time perfect how the new speaker sounds.

Enclosed in the stainless steel case are two mid/high speaker drivers and two mid/bass passive membranes.

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If you fancy stereo sound, two Klang M1 speakers can be paired together.

Loewe promises 12 hours of battery life and can be recharged in just in two hours. The Klang M1 can also double up as a hands-free speaker thanks to a built-in microphone.

Sounds and looks like it could be a winning entry into the competitive portable speaker market, but will it be good enough to beat our current favourite, the Cambridge Audio YoYo M? Only time will tell…

The Loewe Klang M1 will be available from December for a very reasonable £169.

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