Nerf Cyber Monday deals: 50% off Nerf guns of all kinds

Get great Nerf blasters from just £10 in this year's Cyber Monday toy sales

Nerf Cyber Monday deals
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Ready for Christmas, there are some excellent Cyber Monday Nerf deals (opens in new tab) to be found this week – there's up to half price off Nerf guns at John Lewis, Smyths Toys and The Entertainer.

These range from little double-packs of pistols (complete with targets) for just £10, right up to serious blasters with entire barrels of darts you can unload on your unsuspecting prey.

We very much doubt you'll see better prices than these in the run up to Christmas (especially since the John Lewis deal is reduced to clear), so if you fancy an excellent Nerf gun deal, this Cyber Monday is the time to pull the trigger!

We've got our picks of the best Nerf blasters below, or you can browse the full range of Nerf Cyber Monday deals at The Entertainer here (opens in new tab).

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Nerf Retaliator Elite Plus Pack | Was £59.99 | Now £39.99 at John Lewis (opens in new tab)
This modular blaster can go from a single-handed Nerf pistol to a long-range two-handed weapon of foamy destruction once you add on the stock and barrel. It can fire darts up to 27 metres with impressive accuracy, and it shoots rapidly from a drum that contains 25 darts. Oh, and this special set comes with a second drum so you can continue firing right away (and it has 50 darts to fill them both, naturally).

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Nerf Laser Ops Pro Alpha Point - 2 Pack | Was £44.99 | Now £14.99 from The Entertainer (opens in new tab)
It's Nerf battling, but without the mess. These laser guns will register hits, so two people can battle it out (and if you get more guns, more people can play). They also connect wireless to phones, with the app adding extra features to the game. This set is kind a of a no-brainer at this price – we're going to get a set for lunchtimes in the T3 office.

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Nerf X-Shot Double Fury 4 Combo Foam Blaster Pack | Was £20 | Now £10 at The Entertainer (opens in new tab)
This has two small Nerf pistols, each with a four-dart chamber. It comes with 16 darts, and three cans – it's a small, cheap target game in a single package. Lovely value. Oh, and if you want more darts for this, a 100-pack is currently half price at just £7.50 (opens in new tab).

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut Blaster | Was £25 | Now £15 at The Entertainer (opens in new tab)
This pump-action blaster has eight darts ready at once, and fires two out with each pull of the trigger, making it twice as easy to hit your targets, up to 75 feet away. 

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Delta Trooper | Was £34.99 | Now £22.99 at Smyths Toys (opens in new tab)
This is a customisable blaster – you can remove the stock and barrel to make it a smaller pistol, or attach them for longer-range accuracy. It has a 12-dart clip, and you can buy extra clip+dart sets for instant reloading.

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