Best whisky glasses 2018: pour your snifter the right way

Discover the best glasses for drinking whisky; from tulips and tumblers to the rather intriguing NEAT whisky glass

The best whisky glasses

There’s no doubt that whisky is a complex drink that requires respect; serve it in the wrong kind of glass and you won’t be able to appreciate the delicate fusion of flavours. 

And when some of the best whiskies in the world can set your pockets back over £100, you can’t really afford to ruin it with the shape of your glass.  

There are several different styles of whisky glass, with the Glencairn design (seen here in the Riedel Vinum Single Malt Whisky Glasses) being one of the favourites. 

In a pub or a restaurant, you’re most likely to be served your whisky in a tumbler, which is the best whisky glass to use if you like your snifter served on the rocks. 

Straight glasses should be considered if you like whisky cocktails (a whisky mac or just a simple whisky and soda) and if you’re new to the tasting game, give the NEAT whisky glass a whirl – it’s a clever little glass that whofts away the alcohol fumes to allow tasters to really appreciate what they’re trying. 

The best whisky glass

1. Riedel Vinum Single Malt Whisky Glasses

A delicately lipped glass that helps to direct scents and flavour

Reasons to buy
+A sturdy base for even the most merry of drinkers

Very similar to the classic tulip design, this Glencairn glass guides and concentrates the smells and tastes of your chosen whisky to ensure your benefit from the most flavoursome mouthful. 

The main difference in the design of the glass compared with the tulip is the short sturdy stem, so when your whisky tasting session gets a little on the wild side, there’s less of a chance of you knocking it over. 

Waterford Lismore Double Old Fashioned Tumbler

2. Waterford Lismore Double Old Fashioned Tumbler

Perfect for serving your after dinner whisky on the rocks

Reasons to buy
+Traditionally cut diamond pattern 

Beautifully designed, this tumbler from Waterford is perfect for bringing out for after dinner drinks. 

The classic Waterford diamond embellishment has been carefully engraved into the glass, making it both stylish and decorative. The tumbler is the perfect size for serving whisky on the rocks or your favourite blend with a dash of water. 

Neat Ultimate Whisky Glass

3. Neat Ultimate Whisky Glass

An odd little glass, perfect for your first whisky tasting sessions

Reasons to buy
+Flared rim dissipates alcohol smell away from the nose

Whether you’re starting your journey into the world of whisky tasting or simply prefer to sip on your favourite blend without the burning smell of alcohol, this clever NEAT glass diffuses the harsh sting of the raw alcohol so you’re left with the full nose of your favourite blend. 

From the low profile that brings your nose closer to the liquid to its rounded base that sits perfectly in the palm of your hand, this unusual glass is all about maximising the tasting experience. 

Dartington Dimple Double Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

4. Dartington Dimple Double Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

Malt whisky drinkers should pay attention to this dimpled tumbler

Reasons to buy
+Made from solid crystal glass

This Dartington Dimple Glass has been designed to ensure drinkers experience the full impact of the whisky flavour, while the short profile keeps the liquid close to the nose. 

Whether you love an old fashioned or simply a whisky on the rocks, this crystal glass with its unique dimple is elegantly understated and the perfect addition to any drinks cabinet. 

Waterford Lismore Highball Tumbler

5. Waterford Lismore Highball Tumbler

Another decorative glass from Waterford

Reasons to buy
+The perfect gift idea

If you prefer to drink your whisky from a tall vessel, this Waterford glass with the decorative Lismore diamond pattern will be the jewel in your drinks cabinet crown. 

Waterford haven’t just thought about the patterning; the weight and the fine crystal composition make this glass far superior than others. As a wedding gift or a birthday present, this quality glass will certainly impress. 

Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo Glasses

6. Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo Glasses

With its wide bowl shape, this glass also enables you to experience the full impact of the whisky flavour

Reasons to buy
+Dishwasher safe

Although this glass is typically for cognacs, a snifter glass is also perfect for whisky. The wide bowl shape captures the subtle flavours within your favourite blend, while the rounded design makes it ideal for holding in the palm of your hand, so you can warm the liquid to the perfect temperature. 

Alternatively, the glass is large enough for you to pop in some ice cubes or some water, so you can enjoy your whisky exactly how you like it.