Technogym Run review: like running on air

The Technogym Run will give you a premium running experience, but it comes with a premium price tag

Technogym Run review: T3 Active Writer running on Technogym Run treadmill
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T3 Verdict

The Technogym Run is an outstanding treadmill, that feels bouncy beneath the foot, with excellent shock absorption, and is whisper-quiet. Packed with plenty of brilliant interactive workouts, skill sessions to improve your running technique, a wide variety of incline and speed options, sled push feature, and all the entertainment access you could need, this treadmill offers a premium experience like no other. That’s if you have the budget and space for it though.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Whisper quiet

  • +

    Excellent running feedback

  • +

    Free workouts/classes

  • +

    Skill-specific sessions to improve sprints/running efficiency

  • +

    Wide speed and incline options

  • +

    Compatible with a wide range of training apps

  • +

    Sled push mode

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Requires a decent amount of space

  • -

    Lots of features that recreational runners probably won’t use or need

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Walk into any swanky gym, and you’re bound to see it kitted out with Technogym equipment. The brand has been the official supplier to the Olympics for over a decade, blending high-tech and high quality to help take your training to the next level. The Technogym Run definitely mirrors this.  

It's the most expensive treadmill we’ve ever run on here at T3, but it’s also one of the best. Technically, though, it’s more than just a treadmill, thanks to its handy sled push feature, which makes it a push-training piece of kit, so you can blend your cardio and strength training into one.

I headed down to Technogym’s boutique store in Piccadilly, London, to see whether this mighty machine was worthy of making it into our best treadmill guide and if its eye-watering price tag lived up to its value. Here’s how I got working up a sweat on the Technogym Run.

Technogym Run review

Price and availability

The Technogym Run is available to buy now from Technogym UK and Technogym US for the recommended retail price of £10,340/ $11,850. The price also includes installation from the Technogym team, access to your Technogym membership, and a two-year warranty.


  • Dimensions: 1970 (L) x 835 (H) x 1750 (W) mm 
  • Weight: 207kg/456lbs
  • Max user weight: 160kg/353lbs
  • Speed range: 0.1-15.5 mph 
  • Incline: 0-15%
  • Display size: 27 inches
  • Bluetooth compatibility: Yes

Set up and build quality

A picture of the Technogym Run treadmill at the Technogym shop

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Unfortunately, as I was testing the Technogym Run at the Technogym boutique store in Piccadilly, I can’t comment on how long this treadmill takes to set up. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about it anyway.

When you purchase the Technogym Run, someone from the Technogym team will come to your home and assemble it for you, walk you through how to use it, and do all the clearing up afterwards.

In terms of build quality, the Technogym Run can’t be flawed. It’s a beautifully constructed and sturdy piece of kit that is unshakable, even when running at top speed. It has a crystal-clear 27-inch HD display screen that is adjustable and a spacious running deck that’s been crafted with sound-absorbing technology, making your runs whisper-quiet. The slat belt also features rubber panels underneath it, offering great energy feedback and shock absorption.

However, because the Technogym Run is so sturdy, it’s not the most portable piece of home gym equipment. Even though it does have wheels at the front, its hefty 207kg weight won’t make it the easiest to move around the house, at least not with one person.

Therefore, my advice would be, firstly, to make sure you have enough space for this treadmill to get the most out of it—such as switching between on-and-off treadmill workouts—you won’t want it bunched up in the corner. Second, pick where you want it to go and stick with it. There's also no folding component.


Technogym Run treadmill close up of screen

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You’ll be kept well motivated and entertained on the Technogym Run with access to plenty of trainer-led classes, outdoor trails, bootcamp workouts, and streaming as well as social apps, from Netflix to Instagram.

All the classes are updated monthly and will cost nothing to access, either, as a Technogym membership is included in the price of the treadmill. There are also skill sessions, which can help you reach certain goals and improve your running technique.

With an incline option of up to 15% and a top speed of 15.5 mph, the Technogym Run is ideal for advanced runners or those looking to progress their training. Both of these can be adjusted via the display screen, or there are two joystick controls that you can simply flick forward and backward mid-run for extra ease. 

As well as tracking your calories, duration, speed, distance, elevation, and best pace – six biosensors underneath the running belt also measure running power, cadence, and step length. A Polar OH1 Heart Rate Band also comes with the treadmill. 

Underneath the display screen, you'll find a large speaker, offering excellent sound quality, a bottle holder, and a shelf to store any other items, such as your phone.

There’s also an emergency stop button (and a clothespin you can attach to yourself), and at the rear of the treadmill is a shield between the belt and floor to stop items from being sucked up underneath. The belt also automatically turns off if it detects no movement.

A close up of the Technogym Run running deck

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A fun feature that you’ll unlikely find on other treadmills is the sled push mode. It’s simple to use: select how much weight you want to load on your sled (a maximum of 55kg), grab the two handles in front of the display screen, and then start pushing.

Obviously, this is quite a niche feature. However, if you’re looking to improve your sprint acceleration, want a full-body workout, or are training for something specific like a HYROX, it’s a cool feature to have.

The Technogym Run can also be connected with a variety of training apps from Garmin to Zwift, Strava, Apple, Training Peaks and more, so that you can directly record your workout data.

Another cool feature is that you can redo runs that you’ve done on an app and the Technogym Run will adjust the speed and incline automatically as they change during that run.


T3 active writer running on the technogym run treadmill

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As soon as I stepped on the Technogym Run, I instantly liked it. The spacious running deck felt bouncy and cushiony beneath my feet, and I felt like I was running on air. It was a dream to run on, and it’s deadly quiet, too.

The shock absorption is excellent, and there are no ‘thud thud’ noises or loud whistling coming from the treadmill or belt—so if you live in a flat, your neighbours will remain happy.

I’m not the most ‘tech-savvy’ person, but I found the Technogym Run very user-friendly. The display screen is massive, it’s very responsive, and the menu is clear and easy to navigate. The start button is also always present on the screen if you just want to get moving.

Once you’ve downloaded the Technogym app you can easily sign onto it via the treadmill by scanning a QR code with your phone, where you’ll then have access to your profile. 

I really enjoyed the Technogym trainers, which surprised me as I prefer training alone and listening to music. They weren’t cheesy and constantly encouraged me or explained the reasoning behind what I was doing, which helped pass the time.

The interval workout I did included incline walks, jogs, and sprints. I could easily change the speed/incline by tapping the touchscreen or using the two joysticks. Speaking of the joysticks, I also found these a lot better than the dials you’ll often find on treadmill handles, particularly when running fast, as they’re much easier to change.

The sled push feature is pretty cool too. It takes a while to get used to, but it really does feel like you’re pushing an actual sled. However, it’s debatable whether the novelty of this feature would eventually wear off.


The Technogym Run provides what you’d expect from any other top treadmill: lots of workout options, great speed/incline options, ease of use, and sturdy construction. But, what makes this treadmill stand out from its competitors is the sled push feature, slated belt, and massive screen. 

If you’re a serious runner who’s keen to improve your performance and are looking for a premium treadmill experience (not to mention having the budget and space), then the Technogym Run will be hard to beat. It really is a fantastic treadmill.  

However, recreational runners, those looking to up their daily step count or learn to run, won’t need such an advanced or expensive treadmill. As enjoyable and brilliant as the Technogym Run is there are other great options out there for more than half the price, like the Peloton Tread. Although, you will need to fork out monthly with the Peloton to get access to its classes. For a more budget-friendly option, though, the JTX Sprint-3 is well worth considering.

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