Someet Pro Travel Umbrella: lightweight, bag-sized and automatic - what more could you want?

You get a lot for your money

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You know the situation - you're taking a small bag out for the day and, although the sun is shining, there's a definite risk of rain later. That's where a travel umbrella comes in - it's not as flimsy as a lightweight, handbag-style arrangement so is decent in the wind, while it will also give you decent coverage in the event of a downpour.

Better still, a travel umbrella is also lightweight, too. This particular neat stick is 450g and 33cm long, meaning it'll fit within most bags pretty easily and won't weigh you down (carrying both it and a laptop is a fair bit of weight though, even if it's an ultraportable).

The Someet Pro Travel Umbrella also includes an auto-open/close mechanism via a push button on the neat, compact handle. Actually, while the wooden handle is what you would expect from an umbrella like this, it's not really enough to grip hold of in strong wind and rain - a 'hook' style handle would be far better.

Opening and closing the umbrella is a piece of cake, with a strong three-section steel shaft and

We didn't experience any issues with the waterproofing - the fabric easily dealt with heavy rain. The shiny finish has a barely noticeable hexagonal pattern giving it a distinctive finish, it's a bit like a tie (although quite a bit shinier). It isn't flash, however. WIthout testing it in gale force winds, the umbrella easily stood up to moderate wind force and the central aluminum pole is clearly very strong - it's clearly a very resistant umbrella.

For the sub-£15 price, you're getting a lot for your money with the Someet Pro. And, available in dark red, navy blue or black, it's a smart accessory, too.


We loved the Someet Pro - it's one of the best umbrellas we've ever used. Light, compact, flexible and automatic. Lovely.

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