Robens Icefall Pro 300 sleeping bag review: for lightweight summer camping trips

Going fast and light this summer? Robens' Icefall Pro 300 sleeping bag was designed with warm-weather camping adventures – and good comfort – in mind

Woman sitting inside Robens Icefall Pro 300 sleeping bag on some grass
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T3 Verdict

The Robens Icefall Pro 300 gives good bang for your buck – it's lightweight and easy to carry in a smaller rucksack, but still provides great comfort and warmth down to around 5°C. We like the centrally-placed zipper, but do wish it were easier to actually use.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Packable and lightweight

  • +

    Warm and comfortable

  • +

    Handy central zip

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not everyone will love the colour

  • -

    The zip tends to catch

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Robens' Icefall Pro 300 sleeping bag, new for 2021, is an affordable summer-only sleeping bag, all wrapped up in a lightweight and compact package that will suit hikers and backpackers as well as holiday campers. We tested it out in the wild to see how it compares to the best lightweight sleeping bags currently on the market (note – if you need something thicker, head to our best sleeping bag ranking instead). Here's our Robens' Icefall Pro 300 sleeping bag review.

Robens Icefall Pro 300 review: design and features

Small and portable is the name of the game here – Robens' Icefall Pro 300 weighs a lightweight 645g and is easy to compress down into its small stuff sack, so it works for lightweight wild camping expeditions in the summer months as well as for traditional camping holidays. Unfurl the sleeping bag from its compression sack and there are more good design features – the mummy design and narrow foot box of the Icefall keep heat trapped in around the legs, and at 195cm in length this bag should suit campers of all shapes and sizes. 

Close up of hood on Robens Icefall Pro 300 sleeping bag review

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The position of the zipper makes the Icefall stand out – it's on the front of the bag, rather than one side, which makes getting in and out of the bag feel much easier and more intuitive, and is very useful for hammock and bivouac camping, where you don't have much space for wriggling in and out of a sleeping bag. 

We can't decide if we like the colour of the Icefall. Like all of Robens' outdoor kit, it's a muted, natural shade of brown. While this works well for Robens' excellent safari-style tents, we're not sure we like this muddy brown sleeping bag – if you favour bright primary colours for your camping kit, it may not be for you. 

Robens Icefall Pro 300 sleeping bag stuff sack

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Robens Icefall Pro 300 sleeping bag review: comfort and performance

The Icefall is firmly aimed at fair weather camper – a comfort rating down to 5°C and a light amount of insulation mean it won't take on colder conditions. That said, climb into this bag and you'll instantly notice it trapping in body heat and warming you thanks to its filling, which may be synthetic but mimics the heating properties of down feathers very well. The silky lining of the Icefall is also deliciously soft and comforting to sleep in – this is a sleeping bag you really won't want to get out of come morning. The hood can also be drawn in tightly to keep your face warm. Both the inner and the outer lining feel durable, and the outer lining of the Icefall is also wind- and water-resistant. We found the Icefall more breathable than other summer sleeping bags on test – it'll keep you cool when the sun streams in on hot mornings, making it a good choice for taking on your travels. 

Close up of zip on Icefall Pro 300 sleeping bag

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There's only one area where the Icefall let us down – the zip doesn't feel like great quality despite its handy central location, and it will catch on the inner lining when you zip up or unzip the sleeping bag if you aren't careful. It's not a big deal if you zip the bag carefully, but it would be irritating if you needed to unzip the Icefall in the middle of the night. 

Robens Icefall Pro 300 sleeping bag review: verdict

Great quality, instant cocooning warmth and a well-placed zip make the Robens Icefall Pro 300 a sleeping bag we'd recommend for warm weather wild camps and camping holidays alike. This design stands out for comfort and durability, and we also think it sits at a pocket-friendly price point considering it sports durable materials and has that handy design double punch of a light weight and small pack size. Any downsides? The zip does need careful use, and the sandy brown colourway may not be everyone's cup of tea.

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